"Everyone knows how difficult it is to talk to their teenagers, no less than the pursuit of higher education. Children tend not to value your judgment calls, nor your suggestions, and we as parents sometimes do not know the right answers to guide our kids. Janice was that objective outside voice that was informed, knowledgeable and motivating. This is what my daughter needed to help guide her in her choices. With Janice's help, my daughter was able to navigate the obstacle course that is college selection." Barbara B., parent

"We've had the good fortune to work with Ms Kirn when our eldest two children were going through the college search process. Given how very different our children are, I have seen how carefully Ms Kirn tailors her advice and counsel to each student's needs and preferences. And, as importantly, helps them set reachable goals. Thanks to her help my son just graduated from University of Vermont and my eldest daughter just completed her sophomore year at Carnegie-Mellon. And now we are looking forward to having our youngest work with Ms Kirn as she starts her journey." Joan G., parent

"Ms. Kirn worked with our high school aged twins and helped each girl get into an excellent school. She met with us as a family and then individually with our girls. She was extremely informed about the college process and helped the girls to clarify what they were looking for in a school, as well as widen their scope to consider some schools they had not heard about. Our girls were applying to conservatory programs which required both applications and auditions, and she was well informed and helpful. She walked us through the multiple steps in applications and was always willing to help us when we had a question or concern. I highly recommend Ms. Kirn to help high school juniors and seniors!" C. Graham, parent

“I have welcomed Janice into my church (Our Lady of Mercy, Whippany, NJ) numerous times to give workshops designed for parents with children that, are in high school preparing to start their college application process. As the pastoral associate, Youth Ministry is one area which I oversee. In my capacity as an associate, I strive to offer students and families programs aimed to help them through life's many obstacles. Many of the parents that attended any one of Janice's workshops shared with me, how grateful they were for the advice of someone knowledgeable in the process of applying to college, especially in today’s competitive world.They were very pleased and looked forward to attending additional workshops we will offer for their younger children when it is their time to start the process. I highly recommend “urcollegesearch” for any parent of a high school teen preparing for college or for a Youth Ministry team to offer to their parents.” Lisa D., Pastoral Associate

“We used “urcollegesearch” for my son when he was switching colleges. Simply having an expert to answer all our questions, reduced our stress and helped us to navigate the process. It was very reassuring as parents, for us to have someone knowledgeable advising us as we assisted our son in changing colleges. After graduating, he worked for 2 Senators in their IT department and is now working for a private company that deals with the Department of Defense." A.Dempsey

"Janice Kirn is a great guidance counselor. As a high school student she helped me navigate the college application process making sure that I knew about the many scholarships available to me." Marissa G., student