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Hourly       ($75.00 per hour)

College search counseling, direction on how to conduct a college search online, essay development, interest inventory, guidance with the common application.

Junior/Senior Year Package ($2,250.00)

Review of academic records, course selection, generate college list, questions for the tour, essay development, SAT vs. ACT, test optional choices, career counseling, interest inventory, building a resume, parental guidance, interview prep., recommendations, completion of supplements, making the final decision.

Senior Year Package ($1,650.00)

Review of academic records, generate college list, essay development, interview prep., making the final decision.

Essay Development ($125.00 per essay)

Complete assistance with as many essay prompts  a client may need; start to finish, regardless of how many edits.

Corporate/Parent Workshops (4 hour)

                    (Call for pricing)

During a four hour workshop, attendees will be guided through:

- How to conduct an online college search

- What to consider when doing your search

- Determining your child's best chances

- Recommendations

- Test Optional schools

- SAT vs. ACT

- Essay Development

- Selecting a major

- What to look for while on tour

- How to make a final decision

- What to do if deferred or wait listed

- Role playing an admissions interview

- And everything else that goes hand in hand with the search and application process!