The Process

The college search and application process can be shall we say, somewhat overwhelming. 

Here at urcollegesearch our aim is to assist  clients as they try to navigate this indeed confusing, rocky road. 

Together, we generate  list after list until you have "the final eight."  Together, we develop college essays that will leave a unique impression on admission representatives. Together, we design a resume truly reflective of your accomplishments. Together, we outline a plan designed to take you from a state of confusion to one of excitement, learning how to not just get through the process but, take control of it.

Applying to college is about more than the application and essay. It is about learning how to work through many tasks at the same time. It is about maintaining balance when confusion abounds. It is about addressing feelings of frustration without allowing them to overtake you. It is about staying positive in the face of uncertainty  as well as learning how to balance excitement with fear. It is all these areas and more, that we help our clients through.

Together, we walk this road, this journey to college, helping each client reach their long awaited goals!

As a slight tease for potential clients, after reflection can you see how the quote below could qualify as a well founded topic for a college essay? Hum, what do you think?

"Establishing lasting peace is the work of education; all politics can do is keep us out of war. "


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